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About Race Glaze

More and more people are turning to Race Glaze, a growing British company, with excellent products continually purchased by existing long standing customers, people referred by them, and others we meet at shows, demonstrations and who trust us because of our reputation in our other automotive businesses. We've been doing this since 1994, so we know our stuff!

Our new Signature Series waxes 42 and 55, launched in 2008, followed by Black Label in 2010 provide solid ultra-high Carnauba finishing waxes to rival the performance of established premium names such as Swissvax (Swissol) and Zymol at significantly lower prices. We're very confident that they outperform new carnauba wax products from Autoglym, Dodo Juice, Meguiars and Smartwax for instance. Black Label takes this to a new level. Our waxes have received rave reviews from users including some of the most respected professional detailers working in the UK and worldwide.

Race Glaze products work in exactly the same way as systems such as Meguiars, Zymol, Swissvax etc - a series of 4 steps to achieve the perfect long lasting shine. It’s one that dozens of Valeters, prestige car sales companies like Graypaul (Europe's largest Ferrari & Maserati dealership), Runnymede Motor Company, Kent High Performance Cars, Autofarm, and owners of modest everyday cars, supercars, classics and modern classics have learnt gives great results for the minimum effort.

Let me talk you through how we work on the paintwork - we have products to prepare all areas of your car to Concours winning standards:

  • Wash the car. Never use a silicone sponge as their bubbles hold grit which makes a perfect scouring pad. Use a Signature Sheepskin wash mitt or Safe Waffle Sponge, all available on this site. You can dry it off with a water blade, OnePass Drying Towel (our preferred option). We suggest you use 2 buckets - one for your shampoo, one with clean water to rinse your mitt in. Our Aqua Bathe shampoo is pH balanced, salt free and adds Carnauba every time you wash the car.
  • Clay Bar - beloved by serious detailers, the results are surprising. The clay, a fine resin material which is lubricated by special liquid we provide, lifts anything stuck to the paint surface - overspray, tar, flies, bonded on dust - in fact all the stuff that stops the paintwork feeling glass-smooth. A clay bar will last several years, but you'll only need to use it every year or so, maybe more on the front of the car if it’s heavily used in the summer. This step is optional but once you've seen it work, you'll be amazed.
  • Pre Wax treatment. You'll need to cleanse the paint and maybe remove swirls - Clay Bar remember only pulls matter off the surface. You'll re-energise its colour and smooth the paint surface, but only have to repeat this stage when you next want to really start from essentials. Our new Signature Series Pre-wax Cleanser is a gentle, entirely non-abrasive product and Cut & Cleanse has more bite for swirls.
  • Wax (also known as Polishing, though the pre-wax stage is really the polishing bit). Once the car is prepared, and the key is preparation, you can apply the top coat that gives the shine and protection. Nothing beats Carnauba Wax for a deep, long lasting shine – its sets as hard as concrete, protecting the car from stone chips, bird lime and fine scratches, filling light scratches and making it much easier to wash the car as dirt is stuck to the wax, not the paint. Expect the shine and water beading to last 2-3 months with Crem Perfection, 3-4 months with '42 wax' and 5-6 months with ' 55 wax'. Carnauba is really impressive on blacks, blue and deep coloured metallics, and really restores the colour to red paint.

The wax can be applied with a soft cloth or applicator pad, buffed with Microfibre Cloths. Crèm Perfection is our long established 1 step product, easy to apply (wax our a family car like a Honda Accord in around 1 hour), though more spectacular and long lasting results will come from 42, 55 and Black Label. Many customers only use Crem Perfection – if the paint is good, you can achieve great results with just this and Aqua Bathe Carnauba Wax shampoo, which tops up the shine every time you wash the car.
Note that you do not need a final ‘glaze / sealant’ with our wax products – Carnauba Wax does that job.
There are of course other products available to you, which you can mix and match to some extent, but ensure any shampoo is salt free and doesn’t strip your wax off. Other polishes are often just that – if I had a pound for every time Autoglym or Mer users told me about the dust (chalk, an abrasive is used to bulk up the product) and white marks on trim I’d be driving a Ferrari !
Many cheap products are petrochemical based so the shine only lasts a few days, but you need to ask yourself one simple question: Is my pride and joy, with its expensive to replace paintwork, worth scrimping a few pounds on when it comes to the 'polish' I use? And do I want to spend hours with two sorts of cutting paste, plus a wax and a sealer, or so I want to get the job done well, with minimal effort ?
Your choice, but if you want advice, please call us !

Our History

Here's a bit about us. Race Glaze Ltd is based in Stamford, England. It was started in 1994 by Roy Galway who formed the company to satisfy his need for good quality car care products.
Having spent many years in the classic car restoration business, Roy had constantly been aware of the shortage of such things as a good, easy to use high quality finishing polish for example.
Having set out on this path Roy soon discovered that there really was a need for many other products. Hence the now extensive (but practical) Race Glaze range. For several years the company traded under the name of ADS (Auto Detailing Supplies) and was to be found primarily through trade shows and "high end" motoring magazine adverts
Over time Roy grew a loyal base of delighted customers but was unable to continue running the business due to ill health, although his skills and knowledge are thankfully still available to us!
From 2003-2005 Ian Williams, who had worked with Roy for several years, ran the business and handed over to established Race Glaze distributor Mark Wibberley in mid-2005. Mark works with many classic, sports and premium marque customers, as well as proud owners of more modest vehicles through his other businesses e.g. www.morethanpolish.com and www.carcovershop.co.uk, and continues the company tradition of personal advice and service.
Many new products have been launched since 2005, notably the premium performance Signature Series and Ceramic/Nano products. Though it seems more recently we're most famous for our fabulous Water Filters!
Do feel free to call or e-mail us for advice for your car – we always give our time freely.

Registered Office, Trading office and warehouse:
Unit 15, Station Road Business Park
Barnack, Stamford, PE9 3DW We're 5 minutes off the A1, 15 minutes from Peterborough and within 3/4 hour from Leicester, Boston, Spalding, Sleaford, Huntingdon, Kettering, Corby and Grantham.

Our Customers Say...

"A big thanks to Mark and the team for organising my order so quickly and efficiently, not only did Mark point out a few items in my order which would have been too fragile for international shipping, he went above and beyond the already excellent information on the website to provide me with all the tips to get the most out of my products. Some of the best service I've ever encountered in the automotive industry."

Liam Kalas, Bald Hills, QLD, Australia, October 2015

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Race Glaze was established in 1994 to provide easy to use car care and detailing products which provide superb results. Our range has widened and we now offer other complementary branded products which meet our high standards. So from this new 2010 website you'll find Car Wax, Car Polish, Battery Chargers, Battery Conditioners for 6 volt, 12 volt, 24 volt applications, Tailor Made Car Covers, Universal Car Covers. We stock leading brands such as CTEK, Renovo, Mitsubishi, Hindsight, X-Dry and with dedicated advisors available to help, RaceGlaze makes shopping online for car and bike care products and accessories simple, fast and reliable.
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