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A+ 2w Solar Powered Battery Trickle Charger
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The A+ 2w Solar Powered Battery Trickle Charger converts the sun's energy into a trickle charge that keeps your 12 volt battery topped up, ensuring that all important quick start when needed. The charger connects to your car in seconds through either the cigarette lighter socket or connected directly to your battery using the battery clamps included. The charger can be placed neatly on your car dashboard or alternatively, mounted to the window or windscreen. This unit is perfect for vehicles that are not used regularly, cars left in long stay car parks, classic cars, sports cars. It is also ideal for vehicles with high drain electronic devices fitted such as alarm systems. Power rating 130mA @ 15.6 Volts (2-Watts) Approx Dimensions: L=205mm W=170mm D=14mm a-Si Triple Junction Solar Cells This replaces the Sunsei SE135, DZ Energy DZ-170 and SE170 units which are no longer available. SE170 Package Includes Solar Charger Cigarette lighter plug (1.2m long) Alternative battery clamps and cable (3m long) Window/windscreen suction cups (4 of) Full usage instructions Frequently Asked Questions Q1: Will the Charger keep my vehicle battery charged? The Charger trickle charger compensates for natural voltage losses and key-off small instrumentation drain by replenishing your battery at a maximum rate of 135mA in full sunlight. Q2: What types of batteries can I trickle charge? A: You can trickle charge all types of 12V batteries including automotive batteries, deep cycle (traction) batteries, gel-cell batteries, and heavy-duty (stationary) batteries. Q3: Can the SolarCharger 170 drain my battery at night? A: No. All Sunsei™ solar panels are equipped with a built-in diode, which prevents any reverse current. Q4: Can I overcharge my battery with the Charger? A: The Charger will not overcharge a vehicle battery. Q5: Can I start my vehicle with the Charger connected to the cigarette lighter socket or battery? A: Yes. The Charger can remain connected while the vehicle is operating. As a safety precaution while driving, store the panel in a secure place. Q6: Can the Charger be left outdoors? A: Yes. However, if you want to use the Charger outdoors for more than a week, we suggest that you put a bead of clear silicone gel around the edges of the solar plate and connector. Q7: Will the Charger always charge the battery through the cigarette lighter socket? A: In some car models, the cigarette lighter socket is inactive while the vehicle is off. Please consult your car owner's manual. In the event that your car presents this limitation, use the battery clamps wire provided with the unit in order to connect it directly to your battery. Q8: When I push the test button, the blue LED does not light up on the Charger. A: If the LED is not lit when pressing the test button, it may mean that you are not exposing the unit to enough daylight. Please position the solar panel to maximize its exposure to the sun. When installing using the connection directly to the battery, ensure the cable is not kinked or trapped as it is not fused.
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Peter Lawley, Telford, April 2013

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