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TecMate (Accumate) Electronic Tools & Chargers (AccuMate/OptiMate)

Manufacturers of Battery chargers and conditioners for over a decade TecMate features AccuMate 6-12 Volt, a versatile, 4-step, automatic charger and maintainer for all modern and classic 6 & 12V lead-acid batteries up to a capacity up to about 75Ah or the OptiMate3 SP a unique battery optimiser specially designed for all modern 12 Volt starter batteries from 2 to 32 Amp Hour capacity. Suitable for power sports and niche vehicle applications.
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AccuMate 6/12V Charger/Optimiser
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The AccuMate is the sister product to the well established OptiMate battery charger/optimiser, which has a proven reputation with over 30,000 OptiMates sold annually in the UK alone. Like the OptiMate, the AccuMate is designed to automatically charge and monitor batteries with no danger of over-charging regardless of time. The AccuMate is suitable for all 6 and 12V lead acid batteries from 4Ah to 75Ah, making it perfect for owners of older vehicles which are not used on a daily basis. Operation of the AccuMate is completely automatic. It uses a 1.2A constant current charge as the main stage, while monitoring the battery voltage. When this reaches a pre-set cut off point, it then switches to an intermediate constant voltage 'float charge'. Only when the AccuMate has detected that the battery is properly charged, will it switch to the final stage for correct long-term battery maintenance, and indicate a green LED. If at any time the AccuMate detects that the battery has discharged, it will automatically revert to the constant current stage. Lead Lengths From mains plug to unit = 2m From unit to connectors = 2.4m Power usage on maintainance charge:
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OptiMate/AccuMate Cigar Plug Lead (TM72)
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This special accessory plug lead for use with AccuMates and OptiMate III allows connection to standard car cigarette lighter sockets and also small accessory sockets fitted to some BMW, Triumph & Honda motorcycles by removing the detachable red sleeve. It also fits the matching accessory plug socket. It allows easy connection of an AccuMate (or OptiMate III) to a car's cigarette lighter socket or a motorcycle's accessory socket. It is of particular use for any other vehicles where use of the standard fused permanent lead is not practical for any reason. Note – before ordering, please check that your cigarette lighter is live when the ignition is OFF. The accessory plug lead is wired for NEGATIVE EARTH vehicles – if you have a positive earth vehicle, it is necessary to rewire the plug accordingly – this is a simple job as screw terminals are used.
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Optimate/AccuMate Extension Lead (TM73)
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2.5 metre extension cable for use with AccuMate or OptiMate III. Suitable for pre-2015 Accumate and pre-2012 Optimate units only. A 2.5 metre extension cable which allows the AccuMate or OptiMate to be used further from the vehicle or battery. Simply plug one end into the outlet lead of the AccuMate or OptiMate and the other end into the required accessory cable (supplied with AccuMate & OptiMate).
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OptiMate/AccuMate Weatherproof Fused Eyelet Lead (TM71)
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This is the latest version of the fused permanent connection lead - our most popular accessory. This fused eyelet lead is the same as the one supplied originally with every AccuMate & OptiMate but it now has a rubber cover for the 2-pin connector. You can use additional leads to fit one to every vehicle which requires its battery to be charged - in this way an AccuMate or OptiMate can be used with several vehicles on a rotational basis very simply and quickly. They are of particular use where the vehicle is exposed to water a lot. Simply connect the 2 ring terminals to your battery and the 2-pin connector will always be available to connect your AccuMate to without having to delve into the vehicle.
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